Village Map

This small village in the Duchy of Urdang rests in an isolated area northeast of Hallowed Tree on the edge of the Bracklewood Forest. In 1504, the town was governed by Sir Feagus, a middle-aged knight who ruled his fief responsibly. The village has a population of 157 people, including the following:

  • Sir Feagus, his wife, and three (of four) children (the oldest son, Leovold, is elsewhere serving as a squire
  • Sister Agnes, sole priest of the Church of the Blessed Lady. She is dedicated to Tuath, but preaches a non-deity specific liturgy. The church is the first building one sees when entering from the main road, and she spends much of her free time tending her garden.
  • Ingebord (b. 1476) owns the Earl and Hare Inn. She was married to Sernays until, in 1504, he was revealed as the Skull Lord of the local Cult of the Ram’s Skull. Ingebord had no involvement in the cult, though some suspected her, and took over after her husband was executed by Sir Feagus. Evadne (b. 1488) was a stable girl but has now taken on the duties of full-time barmaid, and Ingebord has hired a young village lad, Simon (b. 1490) to manage the stables and perform maintenance/janitorial services at the inn.
  • Hulbert, a widower with no children, who has been elected the village reeve for the past 8 years.
  • Rohesia, a widow for the past 7 years, who runs the mill. She has four children, the oldest of which is Gilbert (b. 1489). Percy, a free laborer, works for her at the mill.
  • Half-breed (nickname used by almost all the villagers), a half-orc who serves as Sir Feagus’ gamemaster. His real name is Vidkun. He is generally shunned by the villagers, though they don’t actively persecute him. He generally keeps to himself and can be found at his hovel at the Bracklewood Forest’s edge or in the forest itself.
  • Sophronia, a young, unattractive woman who works as the village’s boatwright. She has an apprentice named Trin.
  • Elsdon Smye, his wife Elma, two children, and an journeyman named Karine. He is the village’s blacksmith. He has an agreement with Sir Feagus to give priority to anything needed by the lord’s household or his men-at-arms/yoemen, but he can do any other jobs he wishes when there are no tasks for the lord or his men (which is usually the case). Elsdon is a decent blacksmith, but he is not a trained weapon or armor smith. He can do passable repairs, but any weapons or armor he produces will be of inferior quality. Karine is close to finishing her time with Elsdon, and although she loves the Smye family dearly, she longs to start her own trade. She particularly enjoys making weapons and is better at it than Elsdon, but Torflic is not big enough for two blacksmiths and she would never want to compete with Elsdon. She would like to go to Hallowed Tree, or maybe even Blackstone in a year or so.

Feudal levy

Sir Feagus holds Torflic in fee from Askaline, Baroness of Hallowed Tree.

In times of war, Torflic can muster the following forces:

  • Sir Feagus, knight
  • Gildon, squire (suspected member of Cult of the Ram’s Skull)
  • 4 man-at-arms that work at the manor house
  • 6 yeoman


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