The First

See also The Church of the White Shield and Elven Beliefs

Fader & Moder

At the top of the human belief structure are the two primary gods, Fader and Moder. The two are viewed as male and female entities united in a sexual union since the beginning of time. The first result of their congress was the creation of the universe as we know it. According to human beliefs, Fader and Moder are both omniscient and omnipotent. It is commonly held, however, that both entities rarely if ever directly intervene in human affairs.

The First

With the foundation of the world laid, other creations began to issue forth from the union of Fader and Moder. Many of those plants and animals now known were so created, and many more which are now lost to the mists of legend. Among the first of these creations were the beings who became known as The First. These were thirteen humanoids, precursors to and creators of the humanoid races that now inhabit the world.

The First became the progenitors of the humanoid races, each contributing their own species to the world. And for centuries the world existed in harmony as the First and their children lived in peace with one another.

The Good First

Name Race/Gender Descriptive Names Symbol Weapon
Casair Human/male Defender, Valorious Shining Sword Long sword
Kuroz Human/male All-Seeing Blue Eye Staff
Tuath Human/female Mercy, Good Fortune Dove None
Morback Dwarven/male Earth, Law Pick Pick
Fesgarra Dwarven/female Life, Protection, Birth, Fertility Silver Egg Morningstar
Usga Giant/female Power, Warfare Spiked Club club

Those First listed above are worshipped by the vast majority of individuals within the Kingdom of the White Sword, as well as by many in other lands. Within the lands in the east, worship of these deities is consolidated into a single organization, known simply as The Church.

The Evil First

Name Race/Gender Descriptive Names Symbol Weapon
Goratha Orc/female Pillager, Destroyer, Trickster Clawed Hand Whip
Gragair Orc/male Law-Giver, Builder Small Hammer Warhammer
Luuth Drow/female Evil, Back-Stabber Bloody Dagger Dagger
Snodha Goblin/female Plague-Bringer Whithered Head Great axe
Absadh Giant/male Lord of Death, Revenge Skull Scythe

In the great war of the Banishment, the First listed above joined with Luuth to oppose the other First. Although acknowledged as First by the Church, worship of these First is generally discouraged (and sometimes actively persecuted). But these first are worshipped in non-civilized areas (among the orcs and goblins of the Shadowed Mountains, for example) as well as in civilized areas where the Church has little if any influence (the Kingdom of Korrok, for example).

Gragair is worshipped by a small number of individuals in the human lands, generally by those of either a very ordered/lawful outlook, or those in crafting or building professions. This worship is explicitly prohibited by The Church, but there is very rarely any persecution of such believers. A worshipper of Gragair, however, can not expect any haven or aid from anyone associated with The Church, and adherents of this god are best advised to keep their worship out of plain sight.

The Other First

Name Race/Gender Descriptive Names Symbol Weapon
Onrachd unknown Mysterious unknown none or unknown
Dibir Drow/male (deceased) Honor, Binder of Oaths A tied cord Short sword

Onrachd and Dibir stand outside the normal dichotomy of the First.

When Luuth betrayed the other First, she sought the help of her mate, Dibir. But in the end he could not turn against his brethren. For this act of loyalty and honor, he was slain by Luuth herself. Thus he has no worshippers and no temples.

Onrachd similarly has no temples and worshippers, but for very different reasons. Of all the First, he is the most isolated. Even his fellow First have only seen him a few times in the past thousand years and no mortal has seen him in recorded memory. As a result, little is known about him beyond his name. During the war among the First, Onrachd remained a neutral.

The Banishment

Although the exact causes are lost to the shrouds of history, it is known that at some point Luuth became jealous of her fellow First. She considered herself to be the greatest among them and as support of her position pointed to the superiority of her creation, those elves who would eventually become known as the Drow. Among all the races, they were the most beautiful, the most artistic, the most accomplished. Their great cities towered above all others, their literature and art were worshipped by all the other races, and their scholarship in the arcane and the mundane surpassed all peers.

While the others of the First acknowledged Luuth’s accomplishments, few of them regarded her as superior. They had all come from the same creators and thus viewed themselves as being equal. And each could point to his or her own accomplishment to counter Luuth’s arguments. In the end, though, Luuth would not be denied. Convincing fives others of the First to go along with her, she plotted to overthrow Fader and Moder and to throw down the others of her kind.

Thus aligned, the war between the First began, with only Onrachd remaining neutral. Each summoned their followers to fight for them and for two centuries war raged on earth and in the heavens. In the final battle, however, Dibir returned to the fold of those fighting for good. His action permitted the cause of good to triumph. For his betrayal, however, Luuth slew him.

Luuth and her followers having been captured, the others of the First prepared to deal with their rebellious brethren by terminating their lives. Fader and Moder, however, intervened. Staying the hands of the executions, the two creators expelled Luuth and her followers from the haven of the First.

While Luuth and her cohorts were protected from the wrath of the First, their followers were not similarly guarded. For more than a century, the remaining First pursued the forces of evil in the land, driving them into hiding. Many sought shelter in the deep catacombs of the underground, while others lost themselves in the unexplored stretches of the wilderness. Still others built hidden fortresses in the mountains, awaiting the day when their secret enclave should be attacked.


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