Hallowed Tree

This town of about 1,000 people is an important point on the spice road going south.

The town is ruled by Baroness Askaline, who holds it in fee from Count Cyprian of Elvormine.

Hallowed Tree is famous for the great tree that stands at the center of the abbey. In 546, an army of orcs and ogres rampaged through the land, led by a demon named Tysigor. Harrik of Northbend, a small village near what would become Hallowed Tree, stood up to the horde and confronted Tysigor directly, using his words rather than strength of arms to disarm his opponents. In the end, he tricked Tysigor into returning to the Abyss and the evil army disbanded, but before leaving the orcs crucified Harrik on a nearby tree. After Harrik’s body was removed, witnesses claimed that the tree grew to the great size it maintains today, enriched by the blood of Harrik’s sacrifice.

In 549, an abbey was founded on the site of the tree, supported by the alms of the many pilgrims, and a village soon grew up around the abbey. When Caput Henri visited the holy shrine in 1024, he granted a charter to build the great basilica that exists there now. The drew in even more pilgrims and settlers to the town of Hallowed Tree, until it has grown to the town it is today.

Hallowed Tree

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