First session
The start of a new campaign


Bruenar Stonecleaver (Alysa)
Buradriel (Steve)
Harbinger (Bill)
Jordyn Panniers (Chris D.)
Keltrist Mordrum (Noah)

The Adventure

The PC’s are assumed to already know each other and to all be in Blackstone for whatever reason. While at the Lantern in Hand Inn, Jordyn is summoned to speak with Endrede Calathes. She explains that Morgan Calathes I‘s shield was stolen, and that she has learned that it will be turned over to a buyer in 5-days’ time in the village of Torflic. She wants Jordyn Panniers to accompany her and help her recover the shield, and in so doing perhaps earn the gratitude of Morgan Calathes II, her brother and Baron of Blackstone.

The group travels to Torflic, which is about a 1.5 day journey. Endrede and Bruenar Stonecleaver take up residence in the manor house, at the invitation of Sir Feagus, while the rest of the group rents a room at the inn. Harbinger and Buradriel decide they don’t want to pay for the room, so they decide to sleep out in the village commons. Jordyn Panniers and Keltrist Mordrum stay at the inn.

During the night, both groups are attacked by members of the Cult of the Ram’s Skull. One gets away, who flees into the Bracklewood Forest, while another is captured, and Keltrist Mordrum casts a charm person on him. He ends up telling the group what cult he is a member of and that they were to kill the party. Sir Feagus, who came from the manor after it was discovered that Endrede and his squire were missing, came to the inn. He was shocked to learn of the cult’s presence in his otherwise peaceful village.

The group decides to journey north into the forest to an old evil temple where the cultists have taken up residence. During the journey, they are attacked by a group of armed men. They kill them all, and find that the leader has two symbols on him, Casair’s white sword and a serpentine tail wrapped around a black orb. However, Keltrist Mordrum recalls that this symbol is NOT that of the Cult of the Bane of Souls, though he does not recall what organization this is a symbol for. They also find a note on the leader:
Ademars note

The group fights their way into the temple, through the goblin mercenaries, and finally uncover the skull lord of the temple, Sernays from the Earl and Hare Inn in Torflic. They also find another note:

Serynays note web

The group has learned of two cults:


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